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Chloe Mills
About Chloe Mills - Insight Educator & INSIDER


I’m a passionate stylist of 13 years and owner of Black Sheep Hair Company in Peterborough, UK, and first began my relationship with INSIGHT Professional when looking for a vegan-friendly/eco-conscious hairline when opening the salon in early 2018. As a stylist, I have a passion for blondes and the perfect blend but the science involved fascinates me and I’m a ‘like to know' kind of girl. I’m very conscious of the impact we’re all leaving on our planet-especially in an industry built on chemical-based products, so for me, INSIGHT was the perfect fit for my salon! From there my love for the brand grew, leading me to be invited to join the UK education team in 2020. Not only do I completely love the products and brand ethos but the passion for everything they do is utterly contagious and I’m so proud to say I’m a part of the global INSIGHT family.

Insight Professional INSIDER


When looking for a hair brand to work along with us at Black Sheep Hair Company, we knew we wanted something eco-friendly and responsibly made and it needed to be something that could also be made available to our vegan clients. But more importantly, it had to be a product we loved and would use on our own hair, in our own homes........enter INSIGHT.


Heat Protector


Here’s our favorite Heat Protection Shield....forever saving us from frazzled hair, faded color, and keeping us smelling lush at the same time.


Still not ready to accept how beautiful these INSIGHT colours are <3


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