Easy Ways for Salons to Reduce Their Environmental Footprint



Reducing our environmental footprint has never been more important, and salons are no exception. Follow these tips to learn how to make the salon operate a little (or a lot) more eco-friendly. 

Choose Brands Wisely

The easiest way to start is to partner with an eco-conscious salon products brand. By carefully vetting retail brands, salon owners can take much of the work and decision-making to operate with a lighter footprint. 

Look for things like sustainable ingredient sourcing, environmentally friendly packaging, and certifications that demonstrate environmental stewardship. At INSIGHT, for example, we make all of our bottles, jars, and labels from either recycled or bio-based materials.

Conserve on Resources

Little savings add up, and that’s certainly the case with conserving resources like water and energy. Salon owners can make a significant impact on their resource consumption by doing things like changing out traditional lights for more energy-friendly LEDs, implementing motion sensor-based utilities like lights, faucets, and hand dryers, and opting to choose vendors that utilize less packaging materials. These little savings may seem like a drop in the proverbial bucket but can make a massive difference over time! 

Opt for a Recycling Program

Consider a salon recycling program like that offered by Green Circle Salons. Programs like this make recycling old bottles, boxes, cardboard, and tubes super easy for salon owners and stylists. Spoiler alert: Once you see how much recycling you can collect in a week, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

The Unexpected Benefits of Operating an Environmentally Conscious Salon

In addition to making a difference for the environment and future generations, being an eco-conscious salon has a few unexpected advantages. 

It’s Good for Business

Clients are exceedingly discerning in the products, brands, and salons they support, even if that means a higher cost. As society transitions to a circular economy, this trend will only grow. Salons that demonstrate a commitment to the environment has a competitive edge. Don’t be afraid to share progress, either; this will strengthen brand loyalty and raise awareness all at once. 

It’s Good for You (Yes, You!) 

When we participate in something bigger than ourselves, we feel good about ourselves. By doing your part, even in the smallest of ways, you’ll likely notice side effects like a brighter outlook on the future, a sense of accomplishment, a greater appreciation for the natural world, and a plain-old feeling of fulfillment. 

Good Spreads

Doing good for yourself and your community spreads. It will inspire others to follow suit and will also raise awareness for the cause. Plus, once you start, you’ll realize how little you truly need to thrive. 

Running an environmentally friendly salon doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting; start small and watch the changes add up! 

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