What Makes Us Unique

Ozonated Water

Water is the critical ingredient for creating our products, serving as the carrier for our active ingredients and extracts. Since it acts as the base, we want to ensure that we’re using the cleanest water possible. For this reason, Eley Laboratories in Italy formulates our products using ozonated water.

To make ozonated water, technicians inject water with ozone, a gas containing three oxygen atoms, as a natural and safe way to sterilize and prepare it for production. Some studies have confirmed that ozone is a valid alternative for sanitization, compared to traditional agents like chlorine. Ozonation has higher oxidizing power and is effective against a broader range of bacteria. 

At low concentration levels, ozone is non-toxic and returns the water to its original form in a short time, leaving no residue or impurities. Ozone’s use guarantees rapid, safe, and completely ecological sanitation, making the water microbiologically pure and transforming it into the perfect base to actively incorporate the rest of our functional ingredients.


Vegan OK

The entire INSIGHT hair line is VEGAN OK certified, including the INCOLOR coloring line. This standard was established to foster a culture of respect for life and the environment. Our vision is that sustainable values become a common heritage for all, whether someone is a practicing vegan, vegetarian, or not.



Organic Extracts

The main functional active ingredients in our formulations are derived from organic agriculture, coming from certified crops. Combinations of naturally derived oils and butters then work in synergy with these extracts, increasing hair softness and nutrition. Selecting organic active ingredients means safeguarding the planet, protecting the workers who are part of the production chain and protecting the well-being of the final consumers.


Nickel Testing

All INSIGHT products, in every line, are nickel tested (<0.5 ppm) to guarantee heightened safety in case of hypersensitivity and ensure that our products are safe for many users. Parts per million, or ppm, are used to describe minimal concentrations and are defined as the measure of a substance in a larger amount of material. In this case, for every million parts (one liter) of our product, there are less than 0.5 parts (milligrams) of nickel. The idea of nickel testing may seem unusual for U.S. consumers because many U.S. brands leave this testing out. However, as nickel sensitivity increases, Europe has regulated nickel in many products, leading to this being a popular test conducted overseas. 

The cause of nickel allergies is unknown, but people who develop these allergies may be exposed to the metal more often, and will always have a sensitivity to the metal once established. We test our products to ensure that someone with a nickel allergy will be able to use them without fear of developing a rash. Since nickel allergies may develop with prolonged exposure, the testing also ensures that someone won’t develop an allergy by merely using our products.


High Percentage of Naturality

All of our formulas contain a high percentage of naturally derived ingredients. On average, more than 96% of the total formula is composed of raw materials of natural origin.


Made in Italy

We like to emphasize our 100% Italian expertise. Product quality is guaranteed, from the lab until delivery, in over 40 countries worldwide—a mark of distinction, perfection and style.